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Following my experience of 3 years in foundation training and over 5 years in general dentistry I have a keen interest in general and aesthetic dentistry. My skills gained early on have been developed whilst working in general dental practice since, in terms of quality and efficiency, I aim to provide a world class service.

Within busy general dental practice, there has been an opportunity to care for a patient base from a variety of age groups and social backgrounds.


It has been possible to assess the efficacy and longevity of my clinical work and build excellent rapport with my patients and their families. It has been very satisfying treating my patients on a regular basis and seeing their trust in me grow, aside from receiving positive feedback daily.

Clinically, I have furthered my experience in all aspects of general dental care and introduced new techniques to my practice, to improve overall patient care -especially building my aesthetic treatment planning and techniques skillset with Chris Orr’s Aesthetic Seminars. I also teach Aesthetics Training Courses and you can find a lot of my recent cases on my Instagram @smilewithsavlondon.


Recently, I have volunteered at a Free Eye & E.N.T. camp in Kenya (removal of facial cysts, lipomas, polyps and keloids). Also, represented the Kenyan national swimming team and a number of football teams, including the Cardiff Medic’s 2nds and captaining Dental FC.


Instilled in me are values such as team work, co-operation and effective management. Golf has always been an exciting and challenging pastime. Some of my other interests include scuba diving, travelling, photography and more recently, bouldering!

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